Container hauling

Since 1988 Vectio offers its clients all kinds of container hauling services. To do this, it has a wide range of container platforms. It is a fleet of 72 units equipped with all the necessary equipment to guarantee the best service to its customers.

It transports all kinds of containers and given its experience in the field of chemical products, it has become a benchmark in the transport of tank containers with dangerous goods (ADR / IMO).

In this way, the client can be sure, since the containers are transported by the safest routes and in the most efficient and effective way, without bringing any complications to the clients.

We have the following types of platforms:
  • N20, 25, 30, 40 and 45 feet
  • NTilting
  • NWith compressor for unloading
  • NWith pump for the discharge of chemical products
  • NWith pump for unloading food products
  • NWith generator for the transport of refrigerated containers (reefer)
  • NAnd with all kinds of fittings and hoses for discharge
Culture of effort + continuous improvement
Maximum quality in service

For long distances, the best option is probably sea transport or rail. On the other hand, for road transport, intermodal logistics planning continues to be essential, which, together with our trucks, is the fastest option for short distances. We know many routes by which to transport the products quickly and easily, in this way you will obtain greater profitability and greater security.

The first and last delivery of a shipment, even if it is made by another route such as by sea, usually occurs through road transport, such as going from the port or a terminal to the company located in an industrial estate. Trucking is very flexible, and can serve as a lifeline if something goes wrong by shipping or rail.

cistern laundry
Internal tank cleaning system equipped with the latest technology and with delivery of the European EFTCO certificate that guarantees the quality of the service.
container depot
Storage service for all kinds of containers to optimize the logistics of our clients.

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