Container depot

The Vectio depot offers a comprehensive service for our customers’ containers

  • NStorage and handling of containers
  • NInterior and exterior washing
  • NAll kinds of maintenance tasks for the container and its equipment
  • NSmall repairs to the outside of the container (sheet metal, paint, signage, etc.)
  • NDepot entry/exit test
  • N2.5 year and 5 year ADR/IMO pressure tests
  • NCSC periodic reviews
  • NInstallation/disassembly of liners and flexitanks

Container warehouses are a very important part of the logistics chain. In them, importers can deposit their empty containers and exporters can pick them up to make shipments. In this way all parties save time, space and money and it is not necessary for companies to have an industrial warehouse or an area to store their containers. In addition, the importing company can leave its containers closer to the location of the exporting company that has to pick them up and thus save time in moving the container to it.

Vectio’s container storage depot has a large storage capacity, modern container handling equipment and highly skilled operators. Vectio is well located, since it is located in the industrial estate of Lleida, which has easy access and little traffic. In addition, Lleida is the second capital in terms of population in Catalonia and is located near Barcelona, Huesca, Tarragona and Zaragoza, so in a few hours you can be in any corner of Catalonia and Aragon.

Culture of effort + continuous improvement
Maximum quality in service
container hauling
More than 25 years of experience guarantee the quality of our service. We have all kinds of container platforms and unloading equipment.
cistern laundry
Internal tank cleaning system equipped with the latest technology and with delivery of the European EFTCO certificate that guarantees the quality of the service.

Passeig de l’agrícola, s/n
Planta 1, despatx 3
08039 Barcelona – Espanya


Polígono Industrial El Segre
Parcela 509
25191 Lleida – Espanya


Polígono Industrial Sant Pere Molanta
C/ Sant Miquel d’Olèrdola, 8-14
08799 Sant Pere de Molanta (Olèrdola)
Barcelona – Espanya