Cistern laundry

The Vectio laundry is located at the Vilafranca del Penedés Base (Barcelona). It is equipped with the latest technologies in the field and specialized personnel, thanks to which it offers its customers a top quality service at a competitive price. Vectio is a partner of A.N.L.I.C. (National Association of Interior Cistern Washers) which in turn is a member of E.F.T.C.O. (European Federation of Laundry Associations). Thus, with each wash the European certificate E.F.T.C.O. All types of products are washed in our laundry, except Class 1, Class 2 and Class 7 dangerous goods.

  • NIt has 3 washing lines with 14 rotary heads. All of them equipped with hot water, steam and interior drying with hot air
  • NOf the three lines, 2 are of 80 bars and 1 of 200 bars of pressure. In this last line there is a head that can launch 215 liters/minute at 200 bars
  • NSuperheated water at 95 ºC in the 200 bar line
  • N4 lines for heating tanks with steam
  • N4 lines for heating tanks with water
  • N4 lines for heating tanks with electricity
  • NTreatment plant with physicochemical and biological treatment

The quality, safety and respect for the environment of our laundry are guaranteed by the following certifications.

Vectio has a number of services listed below.

Waiting room



Phone - Fax


Fuel station

Culture of effort + continuous improvement
Maximum quality in service
container hauling
More than 25 years of experience guarantee the quality of our service. We have all kinds of container platforms and unloading equipment.
container depot
Storage service for all kinds of containers to optimize the logistics of our clients.

Passeig de l’agrícola, s/n
Planta 1, despatx 3
08039 Barcelona – Espanya


Polígono Industrial El Segre
Parcela 509
25191 Lleida – Espanya


Polígono Industrial Sant Pere Molanta
C/ Sant Miquel d’Olèrdola, 8-14
08799 Sant Pere de Molanta (Olèrdola)
Barcelona – Espanya