About Vectio

About us

Vectio is a merchandise transport company with decades of experience, currently we have achieved recognition and we are specialized in the transport of intermodal containers, that is, by road, rail and/or ship.

We have 90 trucks and 145 perfectly equipped tank containers, in this way our trucks can be dedicated, in addition to the transport of containers, to the transport of tanks. At Vectio we are also focused on offering container hauling solutions, and we have two tank washers to offer a comprehensive service.

We are a family business, whose specialization in the transport and handling of chemical products has positioned us as a benchmark in the sector. Vectio has more than 60 years of experience and the incorporation of the third generation to the management team has meant an injection of new sap, which places the company in an optimal situation to face the new challenges of growth and market expansion. In addition, it has a professional team of 102 perfectly qualified workers, committed to the mission and objectives of the company.

Culture of effort + continuous improvement
Maximum quality in service
Our fleet
To perform our service optimally we have a specialized fleet of vehicles and tanks that are the guarantee of our success.

Iso containers for chemicals

Tankers for chemical products

Tractor units

Container bulls

Wheel loaders

Container platforms

Communications and Technology

Pioneers at the time of its installation, Vectio incorporated its first geolocation and fleet management system in 2004 to have all the information related to services in real time.

Likewise, a powerful state-of-the-art computer system, equipped with software developed to suit our needs, allows us to effectively manage the processes and, in a special way, the transport of our clients’ merchandise with the maximum guarantee of quality. and security.


Passeig de l’agrícola, s/n
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08039 Barcelona – Espanya


Polígono Industrial El Segre
Parcela 509
25191 Lleida – Espanya


Polígono Industrial Sant Pere Molanta
C/ Sant Miquel d’Olèrdola, 8-14
08799 Sant Pere de Molanta (Olèrdola)
Barcelona – Espanya